United Space. Cassini: end of exploration
On Sept. 15, the Cassini spacecraft finished its exploration of Saturn by making
a fateful plunge into the planet’s atmosphere. A unique 20-year mission was concluded
with a 22-week-long “Grand Finale” series of dives between Saturn and its rings.
The Cassini mission helped to collect a significant amount of unique data about Saturn
and its moons. Humanity has discovered two new ocean worlds on Enceladus and Titan.
Now, a huge amount of work has to be done here on Earth.

This poster was inspired by the mind-blowing intelligence, creativity
and passion of those who worked on the Cassini project,
and by my admiration of the beauty of space science.
Cassini’s final image from NASA’s official website helped me to complete my artwork.

This poster is my first artwork published on behance.net.