United Space. Sputnik 1: a symbol of the Space Age

Sixty years ago, on Oct. 4, 1957, the first artificial Earth satellite was put into orbit.
Launched from the Soviet space complex in Baikonur, Sputnik 1 completed
a total of 1,440 revolutions around the Earth. This metal sphere,
about 58 centimeters in diameter, outfitted with four antennas came be a symbol
of the Space Age — the era of intense space exploration.

The second poster in the cosmic series was inspired by the triumph of human thought
and the power of knowledge. Its publication coincided with the anniversary of the historic launch.
It honors the collective achievement of a large team that featured scientists, researchers and engineers.
The design is based on NASA’s photographs of the Earth from space, archival photos
of Sputnik 1 and the data available on the website of Roscosmos.
This poster is my second artwork published on behance.net.
It’s also the second one poster on the United Space project.